Covenant House Pennsylvania

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We know there isn't one way to fundraise, so why make it seem that way? Ignite your creativity and make a difference in the lives of Covenant House youth, your own way, on your own time. 

WE'RE IN THIS Together.

What if you weren't given a second chance in life? Where would you be?

Covenant House Pennsylvania's outreach team operates in every zip code in Philadelphia and York, offering a second chance at life. Our programs are designed to meet our youth where they're at, so expectations are reasonable, allowing each youth to celebrate their individuality and be successful in their own way. 

We applaud being unique. Which is why we would love if you shared your passion and creativity with us. Individuality isn't just for our youth to celebrate, it's for everyone. Do-It-Yourself fundraising gives you the chance to measure your impact. We'll give you the platform and the tools to be successful, and guide you along the way. Just like we do our youth. 

It takes a village, so let's work together.

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