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The Egg Challenge...Cracking Down on Youth Homelessness

We are kids who want to make a difference.   We created the Covenant House Egg Challenge as a way of raising (hopefully) a LOT of money to help kids escape the streets, have a safe place to sleep, avoid abuse, drug addiction and a life of crime.  We want to help give them a second chance in life. 

Will you help us help them?  Will you accept The Egg Challenge?  Will you make a small or (or big) donation to Covenant House to show you care?  Will you challenge another family or two or three to do the same?  

You should know...our dream is that all kids have a safe and healthy life.  We want the Egg Challenge to go viral.   Will you be part of The Egg Challenge movement?  Will you make a difference?  Will you donate $12?

What to do if you are nominated for the Egg Challenge:  

1) Get an egg(s) and some family/friends.

2) Film yourself saying, "For the thousands of kids who have no where to sleep tonight, we accept The Covenant House Egg Challenge."    

3) Crack the egg on your own head or someone else

4)  Then say "We now nominate  (name) and (name) to take The Egg Challenge and donate a dozen dollars at www.eggchallenge.org".  

NOTE - If you've reached this page (aka www.eggchallenge.org), just click the "DONATE NOW" button above to make your donation to Covenant House NJ.  

 About Covenant House

Covenant House provides loving care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth in 27 cities in the United States, Canada, and Central America.  Covenant House programs provide young people with the support they need to leave the streets and achieve independence.

Thank you for helping us be a champion for these kids. Your tax-deductible donation will benefit the homeless kids who turn to Covenant House for shelter and services. Every little bit helps me reach our goal!

To support our efforts, please click on the DONATE NOW button above.


Covenant House is at work in 30 cities across 6 countries,
and the need is greater than ever. The funds raised by your campaign are put to work immediately, keeping the lights on and the doors open for the thousands
of kids who will seek help this year.



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