Your Impact Now

COVID-19 will fiercely test us. But this virus will not undo the world. It is no match for people united in hope and devoted to confronting it in a common cause. Here are examples of how the funds you raise will keep kids safe at Covenant House during this unprecedented time:

$20: Our Covenant House staff are on the front lines keeping our young people safe during this unprecedented crisis. We need to keep staff healthy so they can continue their quietly heroic work with our kids. A $20 gift now will provide a box of masks or gloves for our teams working with sick/symptomatic youth.

$30: Our beds are full, and we are setting up cots for all the kids who have no place to go during this coronavirus emergency. We are taking every precaution to keep our young people safe and protected. $30 will provide a box of linens so all our beds can stay germ-free.

$50: Many of the young people in our care were getting meals at the high schools and colleges they were attending. With schools all closed, Covenant House must fill this enormous gap. $50 will provide nutritious food to five young people in our care for an entire day.

$100: The coronavirus has drastically increased our need for medical supplies. A gift of $100 will provide two days of emergency medical supplies for our healthcare teams who are working tirelessly to care for young people who have no one else.

$250: At the same time that our shelters are filled to capacity during the coronavirus crisis, we need to set up safe isolation places for sick/symptomatic youth in our care. Raising $250 will provide two clean, safe isolation places for our kids.

$500: All across the Americas, formerly homeless youth have worked hard to achieve independence. Many have now lost their jobs due to the coronavirus outbreak. $500 will provide 10 food baskets to help youth through these unprecedented times.

$1,000: Our front line staff is working 12-hour shifts, many of them six days a week, during this crisis. With great spirit and unconditional love, they risk their own health to protect our kids and surround them with support in uncertain times. By raising $1,000, you can stand with our quiet heroes in spirit and provide one week of emergency personnel costs.

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