This year, 4.2 million young people will find themselves without a safe place to sleep.

They may be escaping years of physical abuse, poverty, a drug-addicted parent, or a house overflowing with rage. More than 5,000 of these kids will lose their lives to the streets. Once on the streets, kids are easy targets for violence, human trafficking, and other dangerous and devastating situations. 

Covenant House was founded in 1972 with a simple, profound mission: to shelter and care for young people facing homelessness, with absolute respect and unconditional love. We actively reach out to vulnerable youth and offer them another option: shelter and safety, love and respect, and the tools to build a stable future.

Today, we are much more than a homeless shelter. We believe every young person deserves not only a safe place to sleep, but also hope for a brighter future.

The youth who walk through our doors in 31 cities across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America have access to our full continuum of care designed to help young people become independent adults, free from the risk of future homelessness. Our services include everything from basic needs like food and shelter, to long-term support, including job training programs, education, legal aid, health care, and mental health counseling.

The funds you raise ensure that our doors stay open 24/7 for young people with nowhere else to go.

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While the world closes under threat of coronavirus, Covenant House remains open for young people 24/7. Our costs are increasing, as we have adapted shelters to meet new health and safety guidelines and are serving more meals than ever before. The funds you raise will be put to work immediately to ensure that we can continue to keep young people safe and healthy. Read more