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In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Tandy Foster

A fundraising campaign by her daughter, Katie

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Please honor Liz by helping kids without shelter who are facing a new crisis as COVID-19 sweeps the country.  

Covenant House provides shelter, safety, and loving care young people facing homelessness and trafficking in 31 cities across the United States, Canada, and Central America. In all 31 cities, every bed is full nearly every night. These young people cannot be sent home because Covenant House is their home. And will remain their home for as long as they need.

To meet this unprecedented crisis, Covenant House is serving hundreds more meals each week. Storage rooms, drop-in centers, and offices have been turned into quarantine spaces where staff can safely care for sick kids in isolation. Beyond the health risks, the economic and social implications of the virus are already wreaking havoc on the lives of youth at Covenant House, more than 85% of whom have lost their jobs. 

Please consider supporting my campaign to honor Liz. Click the red "Donate Now" button to give. Every donation, no matter the size, shows young people at Covenant House that they are not alone. Thank you.